Exsys Inc

After almost 30 years we have decided it is time to gradually close Exsys Inc. However, we want to continue to support our long time users that have important systems running with Exsys products. 

We are no longer selling new licenses or maintenance renewals. However, we will continue to provide limited support to the users currently on maintenance at no charge for the current time. All customers that purchased full Exsys Corvid licenses have perpetual licenses and the programs will continue to run as they have. We have no plans for any new features or versions of the software, but there are also no known or reported bugs and the programs have been stable for several years. 

If users currently under maintenance contracts need to move the software to new computers, they should contact support@exsys.com and we should be able to help with license codes. While there is no telling what Microsoft or Java will do in the future that might be an issue, the Exsys programs and runtimes use very standard code and a near-future incompatibility seems unlikely. 

For academic institutions using Exsys for teaching and with existing maintenance contracts, the professor has been given a link to download the student version that will install with limits of 120 days and 250 nodes. This version does not require additional activation codes. We will keep this link active for at least the near future. For academic users currently on maintenance, it is not necessary to renew the maintenance contract to use this version for teaching. 

Licensed users that have any question on these changes should contact support@exsys.com for more information.