The Exsys system will assist you in finding a breed of dog that matches your lifestyle and desired dog characteristics. The system considers various factors and may recommend a good breed choice that you may might not have considered previously.

The selection of the breeds is based on weighting various factors. Factors that indicate a poor match with the needs of the dog (e.g. exercise and grooming requirements) or the needs of your family (e.g. suitability with small children) are very heavily weighted. Factors such as desired "look" or size are less heavily weighted. The breed characteristics are based on those that are "typical" for each type of dog. There can be a great deal of difference in personality among individual dogs of the same breed, and the system recommendations are given only as suggestions and a starting point in selecting a dog.

Before deciding on any dog - talk to established licensed breeders, or professional staff and adoption counselors at animal shelters or organizations such as Animal Humane, about how the dog will fit in with your family, surroundings, lifestyle and other pets.