Expert Assistance System for Examiners

Online System Provides Quick Determination for Claimants and Employers on Unemployment Compensation Issues

A major computer consulting company was challenged to convert, update, and enhance a defunct knowledge base system. Now, the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation (UC) Service Centers use a new EASE system for the Department of Labor and Industry's Bureau of Unemployment Compensations Benefits and Allowances (BUCBA). Using expert system products and knowledge engineering services, the system has been completely redesigned into a reliable application that implements database analysis and is expanded for use on a network environment via a browser.

The system is designed to assist adjudicators in conducting fact-finding, and in determining non-monetary eligibility and writing determinations. It provides capabilities of accessing and transmitting data with L&Is mainframe, and an interface to the Central Offices mainframe (UCAPS). This interface provides access to additional data that is required on Federal reports. The system resides on a Local Area Network (LAN) and operates on multiple sites. It is accessed via a Web browser and accommodates several hundred simultaneous users.

The system lowers deployment costs because it is a Web-based, enterprise-wide solution that can be accessed from different locations and a variety of workstations. The utilization of the standard Web browser user interface offers many benefits:

  • Software distribution issues concerning installation, configuration, and testing on individual PCs are eliminated.
  • Future maintenance and releases are easily implemented as components reside only on the server.
  • A minimal load on the server, even when many sessions (hundreds) are run concurrently.
  • The expert system is accessible from a variety of workstations and locations.
  • The Web browser format eliminates workstation software and hardware compatibility problems.
  • Deployment costs are lower. Residing on the server in L&I's office, all locations with intranet connectivity can operate the system.

EXSYS can also expand and customize these types of systems for use in other states and government agencies. For over 17 years, many companies and organizations have selected EXSYS for our knowledge engineering services, state-of-the-art technology, integration experience, ability to help with knowledge base conversion, and standalone and Web system deployment. Training personnel for future system development and maintenance is also a major factor.

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