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Exsys Inc - The Expert System Experts

Capture problem-solving knowledge of top experts to provide online advice to prospects, customers and employees.


Organizations can now optimize their most valuable asset, expert knowledge, through powerful interactive Web-enabled knowledge automation expert systems. Online sessions emulate a conversation with a human expert asking focused questions and producing customized recommendations and advice.  The decision making skills of your top experts can now be made available to everyone.

Exsys Corvid® development software provides non-programmers a new way to easily build interactive Web applications that capture the logic and processes used to solve problems and deliver it online, in stand-alone applications and embedded in other technologies.

Some of the most common application areas are:

Exsys Corvid Knowledge Automation expert systems interact with users to offer answers whenever needed. Far better than search or FAQs, they provide precise, reasoned situation-specific advice based on the knowledge of top experts.

Exsys expert system software and knowledge engineering consulting services are the result of over 28 years of enhancement, refinement and application to real-world problems. Proven across industries, government and military applications, Exsys is a world leader in knowledge automation expert systems with powerful, but easy to use tools capable of handling the most demanding tasks.  As demonstrated by our many case studies, these systems provide an impressive R.O.I., and a unique competitive advantage for thousands of users worldwide.

Contact us today for a free Web conference. We'd be happy to discuss your knowledge automation expert system projects, provide practical and realistic solutions to your knowledge distribution needs, and build a "live" sample system based on the problems you would like to solve.