Marathon Race Advisor

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This system advises on the best marathon race to enter, based on your style of running and the types of races you like to run in. It presents an ordered list of the races that best match your preferences.

This is done using Corvid’s unique MetaBlock approach which keeps data on the various races in a spreadsheet file which is processed by "generic" logic in the expert system. This makes it easy to build systems that can probabilistically rank and decide among many possibilities, while still allowing system maintenance to be done just by modifying the spreadsheet file. Unlike database approaches to selection problems, this system will always select the best recommendations even when all of the user’s requests can not be simultaneously met by any one race. Instead the best overall matches are presented.

The system also illustrates linking from the recommended races to the associated race web site and the use of animated GIFs in a system.

For more information on using Exsys Corvid for selection advisors, click here

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