Exsys Corvid Expert System Demos

EXSYS has customers worldwide who have developed and deployed thousands of Knowledge Automation Expert Systems. Many of these systems are proprietary, classified or for other reasons not publicly available. However, the following are some sample systems built with Exsys Corvid that can be run online. These illustrate how Corvid can be used for a wide range of problem types and with various end user interfaces. Just click on the system title or image to run the system.

Information on many other systems built with Exsys tools can be found on the Technical Publications and Exsys Case Studies pages.

If you have a particular type of expert system in mind, contact us to discuss the concept and how Exsys Corvid could be used.


Caribbean Vacation Advisor
Exsys Inc

This system selects the best Caribbean islands for someone to visit based on what activities are most important to them on their vacation. The system uses the Corvid's unique MetaBlock feature to rank the user's priorities compared to the activities available on each island. The islands with the best overall fit are recommended. Each recommended island is described with the Pro and Cons based on their particular interests. This system uses an Adobe Flash user interface.
Key Features: Product Selection, Pre-Sales Advice, Adobe Flash, Corvid Servlet Runtime


Cessna Diagnostic & Repair Systems
Cessna Aircraft

Cessna Aircraft has been a longtime user of Exsys tools for jet diagnostic and repair expert systems. These are sections of two of the systems for the Cessna Citation X aircraft developed using Exsys Corvid. These systems illustrates a complex interface that can run online or standalone, using image maps, multiple frames and extensive use of links to display wiring diagrams, schematics and images of controls.
Key Features: Complex diagnostics, Image maps for end user interface


Find Out Which Dog Breed is Best for You
Exsys Inc

Find the ideal dog breed for you based on a variety of factors including personal preferences and life style. This demo shows how a complex selection with many factors can be handled using the probabilistic weighting factors and Corvid Metablocks. It illustrates asking multiple questions on the same screen and using graphics in the Results to show each selected breed. Clicking on selected breed opens a new Web page that uses Google to search for various sites related to the breed.
Key Features: Product Selection, Pre-Sales Advice, Corvid Applet Runtime

Applet Support

Exsys Applet Online Support System
Exsys Inc

This help desk support system assists users whose browser is not configured correctly to run applets. It can diagnose and correct problems in MS Windows, Macintosh OSX and Linux operating systems and many common web browsers. It demonstrates how even somewhat complex tech support issues can be handled via a Corvid system. This system runs via the Corvid Servlet Runtime.
Key Features: Automated help desk, Online support, Corvid Servlet Runtime


Environmental Compliance Self Appraisal
A Fortune 100 Company

This system can be run using either the Corvid Applet Runtime or Corvid Servlet Runtime for comparison.

One of the top manufacturing companies in the world uses interactive expert systems to assist in achieving compliance with ISO 14001 standards. The system produces a detailed report on the status of a facility and determines if it meets the required level of compliance. Any necessary actions can then be taken before a formal audit.
Key Features: Smart Questionnaire, Online appraisal, Comparison of Runtime options


Marathon Race Advisor
Exsys Inc

This system advises on the best marathon race to enter, based on your running preferences. It also illustrates the use of animated GIFs in system design, and linking from the recommended races to the associated race Web site.
Key Features: Probabilistic Selection, Corvid Applet Runtime, Corvid MetaBlocks

Paper Machine

Diagnosis of Defects During Paper Manufacture
A Major Paper Manufacturer

This system was developed at a large paper manufacturing plant. It diagnoses the causes of various types of holes in the paper produced. The system asks a variety of questions on the type and location of the hole, and about machine characteristics that can be easily seen by the operator.
Key Features: Probabilistic Diagnosis, Corvid Applet Runtime


Albuquerque Restaurant Advisor
Exsys Inc

Need to impress a client, or just in the mood for a really great steak? This expert system recommends restaurants based on occasion, atmosphere, & food preferences - it even considers whether they're open or closed for the day. It also uses information on the purpose of the dinner to decide what restaurant characteristics would be important for the event. This is combined with CORVID's Metablocks to select the most appropriate restaurant based on the criteria set. The system uses image maps for the user interface providing a highly customizable approach.
Key Features: Probabilistic selection, Image maps, Corvid Applet Runtime


COOP (Continuation of Operations) Self-Appraisal
US Small Business Administration, Dept of Commerce

THE US Small Business Administration (SBA) needed to deliver expert advice to its many offices to help them prepare for a wide range of possible disaster situations, both natural and man-made. To do this in a way that both utilized limited available resources and was non-confrontational, an Exsys Corvid system was used to field a self-appraisal expert system. This asks questions based on the end users area of responsibility and produces a report of actions that should be taken. (The system starts with a Flash title screen and then moves into the expert system. Some links in the report are only accessible to SBA staff running on the SBA network.)
Key Features: Smart Questionnaires, Regulatory compliance, Corvid Servlet Runtime


Lead Based Paint Advisor
US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Mind and Media Inc

This system built for the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development helps home owners in understanding the regulations on lead based paint in houses. It first determines if the project is exempt and then considers the various rules that might apply. The system uses the Corvid Applet Runtime and many hypertext links to deliver a very polished end user interface.
Key Features: Regulatory compliance, Corvid Applet Runtime

Unless specified above, these systems were not built by Exsys Inc and are presented only as examples of how Exsys Corvid can be used. The availability, accuracy and usefulness of the systems is controlled by the system's author and organization. These systems are presented only as demonstrations of technology and may not be up-to-date. Any use of the systems for actual advice should only be done using the latest versions as made available by the system authors on their websites.