Exsys Corvid Academic Packages

For 30 years, hundreds of universities worldwide have been using Exsys software in their classrooms and for research projects, to build systems for many uses. Many instructors include the implementation of Knowledge Automation Expert Systems within their curriculum.

We offer an Exsys Corvid University Instructional Package to professors and instructors. Exsys Corvid is particularly well suited to the academic environment. Unlike other complicated and restricted shells that only build "toy" systems, Corvid is easy to teach, and enables students to become very proficient at building practical career-focused expert systems.

Corvid's developer interface is easy to learn and online tutorials provide automated instruction to get students started. Corvid's unique development environment structures and simplifies the system building process. With the Corvid Runtime programs systems can rapidly be deployed on actual Web sites. Students learn expert system theory faster and in a way that can be immediately applied to their future or current workplaces. Universities worldwide use Exsys software, and have included instruction in building expert systems in many departments. There are many areas that professors and students can benefit by incorporating knowledge automation expert system instruction in their curriculum. Any career can benefit from knowing how to capture and distribute expert knowledge.

Exsys Corvid has been used to add knowledge automation expert systems to classes in:

  • E-commerce
  • Decision Support
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Military
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Agriculture
  • Medical
  • Web Design
  • Human Resources
  • Computer Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Science
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Research & Development
  • Environmental
  • Geology & Mining
  • Financial Services


Select the Level Needed
Some schools find the free Exsys Corvid Demo version adequate for classroom use. This version only runs for 30 days and allows only small systems to be built, however for a brief introduction to expert systems it can be an ideal, no-cost option.

For universities that wish to teach expert systems more extensively and have students build larger, more real-world systems, Exsys offers Academic Packages that provide a full (unlimited) Corvid License to the professor and student versions that run for a full semester and allow larger systems to be built.

The standard Corvid Academic package includes:

  • A full-function, Exsys Corvid Single Developer/Computer/Server License for the instructor.
  • Up to 50 student key codes per semester. Codes convert the Exsys Corvid evaluation software to run for 120 days, and allow systems of up to 250 nodes to be built.
  • A non-commercial, unlimited distribution license of the Exsys Corvid Java Applet Runtime so students can run their systems on an actual Web site during the license period
  • Online Automated Self-paced Tutorials (11 Tutorials covering a full introduction to using Corvid. Each tutorial takes 10-20 minutes to play.)
  • PowerPoint training slides for teaching Exsys Corvid (over 450 slides).
  • "Quick-Start" and "Advanced" Tutorials as a PDF files.
  • Full Exsys Corvid Manual as a PDF file.
  • One FREE full year of instructor technical software support and upgrades including additional student codes as needed. (Note: must be renewed annually to receive latest software and student codes.)

Custom version of the Academic Package are also available to meet the requirements of individual classes. We encourage you to contact us today to discuss how Exsys be integrated into classes at your University.