Exsys Corvid Software Maintenance
and Technical Support

Exsys Corvid maintenance and technical support is provided free for the first year with the purchase of the software. A renewable Software Maintenance and Technical Support Contract is available each year for 18% of the list price of the covered software package.

EXSYS customers with Maintenance contracts will receive top priority privileges for technical support during the contract period, including unlimited person-toi-person phone and email access to top level support. They will also receive new releases, bug fixes, patches, product enhancements along with the latest online help and printed documentation. EXSYS customers are the first to be notified when new releases and product enhancements become available.

Technical Support Access

Many questions can be answered by: Customers under maintenance contracts can contact Exsys Technical Support during normal business hours via e-mail, phone and fax.

Support hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mountain Time (GMT -7) Monday - Friday (excluding holidays)

E-mail: support@exsys.com