Exsys Corvid Training

An expert’s time is valuable – and so is their knowledge! Exsys Corvid's development environment is specifically designed to enable non-programmer domain experts to develop their own systems easily and quickly. Training is not required and many users learn the features needed to build systems by running our automated online tutorials, going through the Exsys Corvid "Quick Start Guide" and utilizing the full Exsys Corvid manual.

Online Web-Conference Training

If your knowledge automation projects require more in-depth instruction, attending an Exsys Corvid online training class is the best way to quickly learn to capture the problem-solving logic needed for your systems and to realize their cost-saving, decision support benefits and significant R.O.I.

Both Comprehensive and Custom training are available. Whether for individuals, a project group, or enterprise-wide standardization, Exsys training is an ideal way to quickly become familiar with Exsys Corvid software features, development techniques, and Web/Server integration.

A Comprehensive Training Class is intended to quickly train a person/group to produce expert system applications using Exsys Corvid. The total class time is 16 hours, usually broken into eight 2 hour classes. Your Exsys project specialist can set up instruction time slots that are most convenient. Training is done online using "Goto Meeting®". Students just log into an online session from anywhere in the world. The training class utilizes slides, with students actually building expert systems with Corvid. A phone link allows students to directly ask questions. If there is a group of students from a single organization, or building a specific project, a private class can be scheduled emphasizing specific aspects of Corvid important for the project, and allowing potentially proprietary information to be discussed. For smaller groups, "open" classes combine students from various organizations.

Training provides instruction on expert system concepts, Corvid "Best Practices", building various types of Corvid systems, end user interface and integration with IT resources. Student exercises at the end of each class let the student immediately try out what they have learned. Various types of problems and their solutions are presented. Students become familiar with the functions of Exsys software, creation of rules, and proper knowledge-base development techniques.

Custom training and consulting is available for project groups to work on more specialized techniques, architectures and approaches for specific advanced applications which will concentrate on the techniques needed to produce a prototype of the system. Contact your Exsys Project Specialist for details.