Exsys offers a textbook which includes Exsys Corvid extended license software.

Building Knowledge Automation Expert Systems
with Exsys Corvid

This book deals with current realistic approaches to Knowledge Automation Expert System technology and the direct delivery of Knowledge over the Web. These types of systems interact with users in a manner that emulates a "consultation" they might have with a human expert. Click here for details.

The book covers all steps in the process of building and fielding such systems. Sections discuss everything from selecting an appropriate problem to fielding a finished system, including Web integration and the pros and cons of various approaches. Each chapter includes:

  • An "Implications for Management" section
  • Terms to Learn
  • Review and Discussion Questions
  • Exercises and Cases

Includes Exsys Corvid 120-Day evaluation software CD and license key disk that enables the reader to build systems of up to 250 nodes. Click here for order form.

Below is a listing of published books and publications that include or feature Exsys software and reference customer case studies. Some are used in university classrooms and others are for business reference. Contact us for details on the most current editions.

Knowledge Management Handbook, CRC Press

Building Expert Systems, Principles, Procedures and Applications, West Publishing

Introduction to Expert Systems, The Development and Implementation of Rule-Based Expert Systems, McGraw-Hill, Inc.

Machinery Oil Analysis - Methods, Automation & Benefits, Coastal Skills Training

The Expert System Sampler, Prentice Hall

Management Information Systems, Thomson Publishing Company

Expert Systems and Applied Artificial Intelligence, Macmillan Publishing Company

Decision Support and Expert Systems - Management Support Systems,
Macmillan Publishing Company

Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems, Prentice Hall

Developing Expert Systems Using EXSYS, Mitchell Publishing

Knowledge Based Systems for Management Decisions, Prentice Hall

Knowledge Based Systems for Strategic Planning, Prentice Hall

Expert Systems, Introduction to First and Second Generation and Hybrid Knowledge-Based Systems, Marcel Dekker, Inc.

Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, John C. Sutton, III

Expert Systems Catalog of Applications, John Durkin

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