Expert systems are more widely used now than ever before. The goal of EXSYS knowledge automation expert systems is to capture, automate and disseminate decision-making advice and recommendations. Since 1983, thousands of businesses have relied on Exsys software to create and field problem-solving applications throughout the world. EXSYS Inc. was the first to bring interactive advisory systems to the Web in 1996. We continue the tradition of developing breakthrough technology to handle real-world problems with EXSYS products and project consulting services. Instead of just data, Exsys interactive systems bring benefits to Web sites and stand-alone PCs by providing logical ANSWERS that apply specifically to each visitor.

Exsys CORVID® Knowledge Automation Expert System Software
Exsys CORVID is our top level knowledge automation expert system development tool. It is a powerful, general purpose tool to build many types of systems for helping employees and customers solve problems, supporting and expanding the expertise of business advisors, or providing problem-solving answers throughout an enterprise. In CORVID, decision-making steps are described by building logic diagrams and rules that can precisely describe even the most complicated process. CORVID's powerful Inference Engine processes the rules to ask questions, interface to external data and display results. CORVID is a full feature development environment based on over two decades of creating expert system tools and responding to user needs, combined with the latest software and hardware technologies. Exsys CORVID is the standard for Java-based decision-making systems. CORVID allows domain knowledge "experts" to quickly and easily capture complex problem-solving "know-how" and develop and deploy powerful online advisory applications.
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Exsys Servlet Runtime
The Exsys Servlet Runtime is a optional program that allows CORVID or RuleBook systems to be run using a Java Servlet version of the CORVID Runtime program. CORVID and RuleBooks both come with a Java Applet runtime that can be used for system development and simple deployment situations. However, the Servlet Runtime provides the opportunity for more advanced user interfaces designed using HTML templates and other Web graphics. It also allows tighter integration with other server-side programs and databases, faster startup since there is less to download to the client, and delivery to client machines that may not support Java.

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