Exsys Brochures

Technical Brochures:

Exsys Corvid Technical Overview

Technical Overview of Exsys Corvid's features including the development and runtime environment.

Corvid Servlet Runtime Technical Overview

Technical Overview of the Exsys Corvid Servlet Runtime, how it compares to the Corvid Applet Runtime and when it should be used.

AI Technology Comparison Chart

Comparison of various "AI" technologies such as Expert Systems, Neural Nets, Case Based, etc, describing the pros and cons of each.

Exsys Corvid Training

Many users learn to use Exsys Corvid from the online tutorials and manuals, but the best way to completely learn Corvid is an Exsys training class. These are done online at a pace that can fit into your schedule.

Best Uses of Knowledge Automation Expert Systems

Expert systems can be used in many areas in an organization. Some like diagnostics are obvious, but there are many other areas where the ability to deliver expert knowledge and problem solving advice automatically have major benefits and ROI.


Exsys Corvid Manuals

Exsys Corvid Manual

Full Exsys Corvid manual as a PDF. (This is the same manual that is installed with Corvid). This manual includes the v5.2 External Interface chapter.

Corvid Servlet Runtime Manual

Full Corvid Servlet Runtime manual as a PDF. (This is the same manual that is installed with Corvid)

Exsys Corvid Manual v5.1 Addendum

The addendum to the Corvid manual for Version 5.1. Explains the new features for building PDF reports

Exsys Corvid Manual v5.2 Addendum

The addendum to the Corvid manual for Version 5.2. Explains the XML interface enabling Corvid systems to read XML data files. (This new Chapter 16 in included in the Corvid Manual above)

Exsys Corvid Install Instructions

The instructions for installing Exsys Corvid.

Exsys Corvid Quick Start Tutorial

A tutorial to introduce the key concepts in building a system with Exsys Corvid, including leading the user through the steps in building a small system

Exsys Corvid Advanced Tutorial

A more advance tutorial on a system requiring probabilistic logic. The user is stepped through the process of building a small system