Each purchased license of Exsys Software includes:
  • Development software for a single computer/single developer (the person who uses the software to develop a knowledge automation system)
  • Java Applet Runtime for system development and distribution of non-commercial systems on a single Web server
  • Application Runtime for limited distribution of stand-alone applications
  • Full Year Software and Technical Support contract providing updates and email/phone support (Annual renewal is only 18% of the current software cost)

Licensing packages are available for:

  • Special discounts on Software/Training/Professional Services bundles
  • The Exsys CORVID Servlet Runtime
  • Additional developer seats
  • Single location project groups
  • Site Licenses - Corporate, Geographic location, Worldwide
  • Government/Military
  • Unlimited commercial distribution
  • University classrooms or research groups
Contact your
Exsys representative for details on special pricing offers.

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