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EXSYS has customers worldwide who have developed and deployed thousands of Knowledge Automation Expert Systems. Many of these systems are proprietary due to their classified status or competitive advantage. If you have a particular system idea in mind, chances are we know customers who have developed a similar project. We'd be happy to share concept information with you about systems we are able to discuss and put you in touch with industry customer references.

Click on the title or customer logos in the left column for more information on these systems. In some cases the systems are publicly available online, in others cases reports or other information is provided. Others also have a links to case studies. For details or to set up a demo Web conference, contact an Exsys Knowledge Automation specialist.

Department of Labor "Elaws" – Employment Laws Assistance for Workers & Small Business

The elaws Advisors are interactive tools (over 16 systems) that provide expert advice about Federal employment laws with regards to compliance issues, workplace laws, rights and responsibilities. "With the advent of elaws, the Labor department now ranks among the best federal agencies for providing information and technical assistance to its customers, " said Secretary of Labor Alexis M. Herman.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game – LynxTrak: A Tool for Lynx Harvest Managers

This interactive knowledge automation system helps managers determine the most appropriate management action to take. The knowledge base incorporates a wide network of quantitative and qualitative information regarding lynx across their range, including available literature, in-house databases, and the collective observations and experiences of field biologists and trappers. Case Study.

Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Australia – Seven “Online Consultants”

Provides useful applications to help dairy farmers in their decision making. Most of the applications relate to the Target 10 Dairy Extension programs run throughout Victoria. Systems include: Pasture management, Nutrition of the Dairy Cow, Soil and Fertilizer, Dairy Business, Managing Dairy Effluent, Nutrients for Sustainable Agriculture, and Dealing with Wet Soils.

U.S. Geological Survey – Various Systems for Environmental Conservation

Several systems related to habitat and wetland management, including water levels for palustrine emergent wetlands, flyway management plan, and Trumpeter Swan management. Provides an ecological assessments and advice.

National Science Foundation – Environmental Monitoring and Measurement Advisor

EMMA is an interactive expert system for project managers, administrators, and others who use or procure laboratory services for environmental analyses. It provides a mechanism to compare and contrast the performance and relative cost of analytical, test, and sampling methods for environmental monitoring. Click on link to the left to open, and then on Method Selection Advisor on left hand side.

OSHA Dept. of Labor, OSHA – Fire Safety Advisor

An interactive expert system to help companies understand and apply OSHA's Fire Safety related standards.The system can be run online or downloaded and run locally. The system considers workplace conditions, practices, and policies to point out what aspects of the OSHA fire safety standards apply to the situation. Case Study.
Many other Expert Advisors can be seen here.

MenuVino Menu Vino – Wine Advisor

MenuVino Inc. has developed several online systems with Exsys Corvid to provide high-level expert advice aimed at matching users with their ideal wines. The “Your Personal Taste Profiler” analyzes web site visitor’s personal taste preferences to recommend wines. The “Food and Wines Pairing” system matches wines to particular foods, including details of preparation, sauce, etc. The site can be run in French or English (Click “English” in menu on the left of the top page). User registration to run the site is free. Case Study.

SalesForce dSales – Sales and Service Qualification (Integration of Corvid with SalesForce)

SaSQ for AppExchange establishes a tailored dialogue with customers, structured around simple to answer questions that dynamically adapt to capture the highest value information on the needs and attributes of the customers enquiry.

South Africa Water Affairs Dept of Water Affairs & Forestry, Republic of South Africa - Systematic Forest Conservation

Selection of priority planning units for conservation action, including maintenance of connectivity between increasingly fragmented forest patches, with the goal of preserving bio-diversity and the sustainable use of natural resources.  Case Study.

California State Water Board

California State Water Resources Board - Surface Water Ambient Monitoring

A knowledge automation expert system to prepare Quality Assurance Project Plans(QAPP) related to surface water monitoring. Assures California compliance and automatically compiles draft document elements for generating final plan reports. Case Study.


US Dept of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service - Optimum Crop Irrigation

A decision support system to assist farmers in the optimum irrigation strategies for peanut production, with demonstrated results of significantly higher crop yields for less cost by using the advice provided by the system. Growers have seen it consistently raise yields by 200 to 300 pounds per acre, and an average crop value increase of $5 to $10 per ton, based on grade improvements. Case Study

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motors - Paint Sprayer Diagnostics

For troubleshooting and predictive maintenance, this knowledge automation expert system provides improvement in paint quality during production while slashing the emission of volatile organic compounds. A winner of the Society of Automotive Engineers first "Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award". Case Study.

Heart Diagnostics

Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

A knowledge automation tool used by physicians for early stage Cardiovascular Heart Disease diagnostics, which also helps identify when more costly and complex testing is not necessary. The system has the capability to segment heart sounds into individual cycles and components, extract their signal features, detect and classify murmurs into classes and make a diagnosis. Case Study.

USDA Pest Control

USDA Agricultural Research Service - Greenbug Management

The Greenbug Management Decision Support System is provided as a tool for wheat producers, crop consultants, and others involved in wheat insect pest management. The system helps identify cereal aphids, learn more about their natural enemies, and determine the economic threshold for control of greenbugs. Case Study.

International Assignment Profile

IAPSystems - Advise on Foreign Assignment of Employees

A Smart Questionnaire used by employees and family members to Increase the human and business success of international assignments by spotting the key issues and pinpointing the weak links or problems that could compromise an international relocation or assignment. Case Study.

Space & Missle Systems Center

US Air Force - Satellite Diagnostics

The MAGIC program developed an open, modular and low cost architecture for satellite ground control. This architecture was used as the basis for a satellite telemetry display, storage, and analysis. (Note: This paper is free for AIAA members, otherwise you will only be able to view the abstract and first page for free. Case Study.

Sandia National  Laboratories

Sandia National Laboratories - Environment, Safety, & Health Regulation Compliance

Sandia has developed a database/knowledge-based Smart Questionnaire system to perform environment, safety, and health (ES&H) regulatory compliance assessments of manufacturing processes. It also identifies ES&H technical assistance or other intervention strategies that result in win-win solutions for Sandia and its suppliers. Case Study.

Cytec Industries

Cytec - Product Recommendation and Operational Performance Improvements

The commercial Flotation Matrix 100 system recommends the optimum Cytec chemicals to the mining industry. Detailed information on mine geochemistry, mining techniques and processing are considered in making recommendations.With almost a century of industry know-how codified into the system, it helps Cytec's customers select the right reagents to accelerate and maximize return on investment. Case Study.

US Department of Homeland Security

US EPA - Managing Contaminated Animal and Plant Materials

A system that presents the information required for the safe, effective and economical disposal of contaminated animal and plant materials. Management of these materials on a large scale presents major challenges for emergency personnel responding to diseases, natural and accidental incidents or acts of terrorism against enterprises engaged in food production, processing or distribution.

East Carolina University

East Carolina University - Automated Testing

As part of the University's "Smart Stuff Online" this Knowledge Automation System is a "Mini-Course for instructors for Vocational Competency Achievement Tracking System procedures in test development, scheduling and other requirements using CMS95 systems.

US Navy

US Navy and Texas A&M University - Restoration of Shipboard Power During Battle

An decision support expert system for reconfiguration of electric-power systems on naval ships which have been damaged during battle. It determines, in real-time, the control operations necessary to restore power supply to de-energized loads after battle damage or cascading faults. (Note: IEEE members can read this paper for free, others can only see the abstract for free.) Case Study.

Salix Applied Earthcare

Salix Applied Earthcare and the Transportation Research Board - Channel and Bank Protection Measures

For use by The Department of Transportation and consulting engineers, this expert system, "Greenbank" recommends the best approach to channel and bank protection in an environmentally effective way. The system is available for download with a report from TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program. Case Study.

GMU & United Nations Univ.

George Mason University and United Nations University - Planning and Design of Agroforestry Systems

An expert system to maximize benefits gained from applying agroforestry management techniques in developing countries. The primary benefits from this technique include nutrient enrichment, soil improvement, and erosion control.

Kaohsiung Medical University

Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan - High Mountain Syndrome Management

High mountain syndrome (HMS) is highly reverse related to timely diagnosis and management. Generally, it is not easy for mountain climbers to manage this condition without an expert on site. This system provides advice on treatment. Case Study

Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory - Environmental Compliance

A decision support expert system designed to allow project engineers to perform an environmental evaluation of their projects, including environmental modules for each federal and state environmental law on how an individual law may affect the project. Case Study.

Maine Timber Harvesting

University of Maine - Timber Harvesting in Maine

A decision support system for timber harvesting which leads foresters through a series of questions to arrive at a determination of harvesting viability and appropriate harvesting machine configurations. Although tailored for conditions in Maine, it can be adapted for other regions.


Wollongbar Agricultural Institute, NSW Agriculture, Australia - Crossbreeding of Beef Cattle An expert system to help Livestock Advisory Officers deliver expert advice on crossbreeding beef cattle to clients in temperate and subtropical Australia. Case Study.

Cessna Aircraft Company

Cessna Aircraft - Aircraft Diagnostics and Repair

Many expert systems to diagnose problems with Cessna business jets, including advice on how to correct the problem. Systems are distributed to customers and used internally on the Cessna Customer Contact Center web site. Case Study.

PA DEpartment of Labor

Pennsylvania Dept of Labor - Unemployment Eligibility Advisor

An decision support designed by EDS and Exsys Consultants to assist adjudicators in conducting fact-finding and writing non-monetary eligibility determinations for unemployment compensation. The system lowers deployment costs because it is a Web-based, enterprise-wide solution that can be accessed from different locations and a variety of workstations. Case Study.

Oil Analysis and Predictive Maintenance

Oil Analysis and Predictive Maintenance

Larry Toms Technical Services has built a variety of oil analysis system for Canadian Pacific Railroad, diesel ship propulsion, Air Force jet engines, mining operations and aeronautical, marine and test laboratories. The company is one of the leaders in automated oil analysis. Case Study


University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - Managing Flexor Tendon Injuries

A clinical decision support system for flexor tendon injuries in zone II, which is technically the most demanding in both surgical and rehabilitation areas. The system encompasses the continuum from injury to complete rehabilitation of the tendon. Case Study.

Concrete Diagnostics

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - Diagnosis of Problems in Reinforced Concrete Structures

A system to advise in diagnosis of deterioration and other problems in reinforced concrete structures. The system assists civil engineering trainees, inspection staff, and professional engineers as well as their top management personnel regarding likely problems so that early action can be taken. Case Study.

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