Exsys CORVID is our flagship "Knowledge Automation" paradigm resulting from a close examination of what is needed to build and field decision-making systems in today's Internet-oriented world. CORVID is designed to allow knowledgeable" experts" to develop and deploy powerful, interactive online advisory applications quickly and easily.

Most decisions are thought of and described by experts in terms of "If..Then" rules. This is the same way it is described in CORVID. In fact, the steps in building a system are very similar to explaining to a person how a decision is made. CORVID's built-in tools help developers think and describe their decision-making steps and problem-solving logic. The result is a very flexible and powerful development environment that can be quickly learned and implemented.

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Exsys CORVID's unique Logic Blocks define, organize and structure decision-making information into logically related blocks. The logic may be a complex branching tree that systematically cover all possible input cases or a simple diagram that corresponds more to a single rule. This allows a single block to be organized to have all the logic for an aspect of a problem in a single structure. The Rule View window allows the logic of a system to be simultaneously viewed as easily read rules, and in context of the overall structure of the Logic Block window.
Exsys CORVID systems can be delivered over the Web using the CORVID Servlet Runtime, which dynamically builds HTML pages for the user interface, or via the Java Applet Runtime displaying them on the client machine. Systems can communicate with databases through standard ODBC/JDBC interfaces and SQL commands. Server-side programs can be called using CGI, ASP and JSP to access data sources or perform custom calculations. Exsys CORVID can also be run as a stand-alone application allowing it to be integrated into other information architectures.

CORVID's development environment provides a wide range of ways to control system "look and feel". Both text and images can be incorporated with complete control over fonts, colors, styles, background and positioning. The CORVID Servlet Runtime templates allow the full flexibility of HTML to be used in matching site design. Multiple questions can be asked on a single screen - building "smart questionnaires" has never been so easy. Complex reports can be generated and displayed in a browser window, and results can be written back to databases.

Exsys CORVID is a new generation of knowledge automation. For today's Web sites and e-business success, providing interactive expert answers, not just information, is critical to helping prospects, customers and employees make prompt, correct and consistent decisions.


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