Easy to Learn Developer Interface
EXSYS Inc has over 21 years experience in designing knowledge automation developer interfaces that are proven to be fast to learn and easy to use. CORVID is aimed at developers that have the expert knowledge, but are NOT programmers or IT professionals. A tutorial, which can be run in a few hours, is enough to get started, and a 3-day training class covers all software features. The decision-making logic is stated in If/Then rules, in much the same way as explaining to another person how to make the decision. The rules are written in English and algebra, making them easy to read, understand and maintain. CORVID provides tree structures to organize related rules, and Logic Blocks to organize related trees.

Object Structured
CORVID uses an "object-structure" approach to system design. Rules are defined using various types of variables that have associated methods and properties, providing a wide range of flexibility and power. Many of the advantages of a full object-oriented approach are provided without having to understand complex OO programming, or describing a solution with OO classes. This is similar to the concept used in Visual Basic, which caused it be so widely used and accepted. The object-structured nature of CORVID allows it to provide the optimum balance between power, flexibility and ease of use.

Powerful Inference Engine
The CORVID Inference Engine runs the rules. It supports both backward (goal driven) and forward (data driven) chaining, or combinations of the two approaches. Backward chaining makes it particularly easy to build systems. If a system has a rule relevant to the current goal or variable, it will automatically be found and used by the system. All the developer has to do is add the rule(s) anywhere in the system. Questions will be "focused", only asking what is needed, yet never overlooking anything that might be relevant. Probabilistic logic ("fuzzy logic") is supported with many ways to combine confidence factors, allowing systems to find the "best" solution, and probabilistically rank multiple possible solutions. Collection variables provide a way to dynamically build reports, web pages and emails as the rules in a system fire. Despite this power, the inference engine is small and efficient. Even the applet version is only about 140K, making it fast to download.

Special Features for Product Selection
Product selection problems call for finding the best product to recommend to a potential customer based on their wants and requirements. Often, no single product will meet all requirements. An Exsys CORVID system will find the "best" fit and provide an explanation to the customer on how each product meets their needs. CORVID provides special features for this type of system that allow the selection logic to be separated from product specifications, which are maintained and updated in a simple spreadsheet format. Systems results can be easily linked to additional information or directly to purchasing functions.

Compatible with Exsys RuleBooks
Exsys RuleBooks are special knowledge automation system development tools aimed at specific types of problems including product selection, compliance and diagnostics. They make it VERY easy to build systems since the development environment is stated in terms of the specific problem. RuleBooks can be learned in a few hours and are the ideal way to have busy experts describe their decision-making logic. Exsys RuleBook systems can be directly run with the CORVID Runtime programs, or imported into CORVID to add additional logic or advanced features such as database integration, automatic emails or specialized reports.

Web-Enabled Runtime
The systems built with the CORVID development tool can be delivered over the Web via either the CORVID Applet Runtime (client-side), or CORVID Servlet Runtime (server-side). Both runtime programs are based on Java, providing proven portability and scalability. People interact with the system by answering questions. Based on their input and the system's logic, it will ask more questions - drilling down where necessary and skipping questions that are not needed. A system may only ask a few questions, or many, it all depends on the complexity of the problems. Once the system has fully analyzed the system user's situation, it will provide its conclusions and recommendations.

CORVID systems can be run from a standard Browser and are easily integrated into existing Web sites. Systems using the Applet Runtime run client-side or standalone, and are very easy to embed in a Web page. Systems using the Servlet Runtime reside on the server, can match the look and feel of existing Web sites, and only send HTML forms to the client machine. CORVID systems can even be run from PDAs, and mini-browsers in some cell phones.

Flexible System User Interface
CORVID provides many ways to make your system look great. In the Applet Runtime, screen commands allow formatting of questions and results. In the Servlet Runtime, the full design and functionality of HTML can be used for interface design. Editable HTML templates make it easy to quickly design a consistent, professional interface. Links within a system can be used to provide help, or more detailed explanations. CORVID also has built-in capabilities allowing a single system to be run in multiple languages.

Integration with Databases and CRM Systems
CORVID has a very open interface. It can be integrated with any ODBC/JDBC complaint database using SQL commands. Data can be automatically obtained from the database, and user input and recommendations sent back to the database. CORVID can also interface with help desk and CRM programs that have an API. This allows the CORVID system to serve as a "smart front-end" to existing IT environments. CORVID can also automatically generate and send emails, and systems can be embedded within emails.

Power to handle Real-World Problems
EXSYS tools have been in use for over 21 years to build major, often mission critical, systems for many of the worlds largest companies. The Exsys Customer Case Studies illustrate the wide range and scope of problems that have been solved using EXSYS tools and services. Exsys CORVID is based on this extensive experience on what features are needed to actually solve problems, while still avoiding unnecessary complexity and syntax in the development environment.

Beyond Business Rules
"Business Rules" often refer to the simple rules that are used in a company to filter data or recognize incomplete information. Most "business rules Engines" are aimed at these relatively simple problems, and do not provide a way to handle complex backward chaining or probabilistic logic. CORVID can certainly be used for the simple problems, but also provides the ability to handle complex logic required for regulatory compliance, probabilistic diagnostics, product selection, and many other areas needing expert advice - and the development environment is far easier to use than most "Business Rules" tools.

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